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Site Construction Project Management

Construction project management is not a simple job — a construction project manager has to be knowledgeable in finance, mediation, law, and other disciplines. A construction management project starts with a project owner sharing project information to contractors and subcontractors in order to solicit bids. Contractors and subcontractors give project owners their cost estimates for […]

6 Construction Job Site Safety Tips

When it comes to job site safety, it is important for OSHA compliance to be the foundation of your safety program. In fact, it is necessary. However, focusing solely on OSHA compliance does not make for a complete safety program. Even though there are many contractors that would consider themselves OSHA compliant, they may still […]

What You Should Do Before You Begin An Excavation Project?

The employer or supervisor is responsible for the work, and must take the necessary steps to identify all the hazards and risks before beginning any work. These steps include to: Identify the soil type(s) related to the excavation or trench you are going to dig. Soil properties often vary widely within a single trench (e.g., […]

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